Academic and Career Experiences


Interested in learning more about the roles I have served throughout my college career? Below, you will find my previous titles and achievements, alongside brief descriptions of the tasks I managed. For a briefer glance at my life experience, simply view my attached resume.

Professional Experiences

Brand Intern
2019-2020: Camp Kesem, National

As one of two Brand interns of the Spring and Summer quarters, I officially audited and moderated 128 collegiate chapters' social media platforms to correct and standardize all accounts. I also provided insight toward narrowing down brand strategy and design to achieve consistency that will reflect across multiple chapters in the future.
My work included, but was not limited to, aiding Kesem social media account and community management, supporting senior stewardship campaigns, and performing internal brand audit, brand strategy, and other campaigns as available (including 20th Anniversary Campaign). I designed campaign materials, as well as assisted in design and copy of an extensive activity-page book set to be published in summer in order to entertain campers and counselors alike in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Research Assistant
2018-2019: English Broadside Ballad Archive, UCSB

The English Broadside Ballad Archive is the most ambitious project to date of the Early Modern Center in the English Department at UCSB. The team has made over 9000 broadside ballads of the seventeenth-century fully accessible as texts, art, music, and cultural records.
For an entire academic year, I personally transcribed and cataloged 100+ detailed ballads into the database by manipulating images and text via Microsoft Word and Adobe Photoshop. Additionally, I created three research showcase posters that addressed questions posed by mentors throughout the respective quarters.

Academic Achievements

Bachelor of Arts: English
Specialization in Literature & the Culture of Information, UCSB

The specialization in Literature and the Culture of Information brings the perspective of the humanities to the concept of “information." In particular, this specialization compares the forms, media, institutions, and aesthetics of the “information evolution” to similar revolutions of the past.
Courses offered by this specialization hybridized the theory, practice, and literature of contemporary information culture with studies of the earlier information media of oral discourse, manuscripts, print, and the literature they embodied. It allowed me the ability to apply such knowledge not only to the present, but also the future.

Bachelor of Arts: Classics
Specialization in Classical Archaeology, UCSB

The Classical Archaeology specialization brings together classical art history, classical archaeology, anthropology, and ancient history into a coherent program of study.
Classics, the original interdisciplinary field of study, allowed me the opportunity to study under multiple professors with a vast range of experience in cognate fields of study such as Comparative Literature, History, Philosophy, Art History, and Religious Studies.

Minor: Professional Writing
Specialization in Multimedia Communications

The Professional Writing Minor of UCSB prepares proactive students to engage professionally in the field of writing after college. The competitive Multimedia Communcation track trains students to produce effective multimedia content, in addition to refining skills in technical and creative writing.

Dean's Honors Award
For Extraordinary Academic Achievement

The award of Dean’s Honors is granted at the end of each quarter to students taking over 12 units and who earned a grade-point average of 3.75 or higher for the quarter.
I achieved this honor a total of eight times.


Alumni, Marketing, & Public Relations Coordinator
2019-2020: Camp Kesem, UCSB

As an AMP coordinator I had the important role of spreading the message of Kesem - from the amazing work of our UCSB chapter, to recaps of camp days, to events the community could attend. Part of my role included ensuring the communications I shared would reach as many people as possible, and ensuring that my communications (from social media to physical flyers) were accessible to everyone in the community.
To do this, I increased volunteer engagement through weekly social media posts via the company’s accounts of Instagram and Facebook. I developed campaigns and monthly newsletters to increase public awareness of the organization, as well as engage alumni.
For the first half of the year, I worked individually to cover all aspects of the role, including maintaining consistent media content leading up to and throughout our biggest fundraising day of the year, Giving Tuesday.

Arnhold Undergraduate Research Fellow
2018-2019: English Department, UCSB

The Arnhold Undergraduate Research Fellows Program is designed to aid and encourage English majors who want to conduct research beyond the level of ordinary course assignments. Arnhold Fellows participate in colloquiums and present their research to the department at the year-end Research Showcase.
My personal research project explored the interactive relationship between speculative fiction and the field of Classics.

Public Relations Chair
2017-2020: Classics Club, UCSB

The UCSB Classics Club is a student organization with fun and informative events around the Classics. During my time as the Public Relations representative, I advertised the club to the humanities department via email, graphics, and posters. I also designed the official club shirt to boost sales and community engagement. My work boosted the club's size from a typical attendance of four undergraduates to a regular group of over 20 members, including faculty and graduate students.

Technical Skills & Strengths

For over six years, I have developed a broad suite of skills that allow me to
communicate & convey information in a clear & cohesive manner.

  • Brand & Visual Identity

    From typography, to logo design, to packaging, to merchandise. Together, we can create a versatile style that not only embraces your personality, but also sets you apart from others.

  • Leading-Edge Software

    Keeping up to date with every design program can be difficult. You can trust that my expertise covers more than just Adobe Creative Cloud. I am also proficient in SAI, GIMP, & Affinity software.

  • HTML & CSS

    Need a website, but unsure of how to express your brand style across the interface? My knowledge of web design can ensure that your site looks exactly how you envision it.

  • Print Design

    I am well-versed in designing products meant to be published in a range of physical formats, including but not limited to business cards, pamphlets, flyers, & magazines.

  • Social Media

    Social media has evolved to become a significant aspect of any brand. I am capable of managing multiple accounts across any platform to connect to your audience.

  • Creative Content

    My creativity never stops - allow me to develop innovative social campaigns that perfectly convey the message you wish to send. Searching for originality? Look no further.

Interested in My Work?

Feel free to get in touch if you're interested in a commission, or exploring future projects together.