An Introduction to Branding

What is a Brand?

In this day and age, it isn’t hard to name major companies off the top of your head. Amazon, Apple, Disney, Google, Twitter – the list goes on and on. Although none of these companies provide the same service, they can all be grouped together because they stand as recognizable leading companies in their respective fields. But what makes them recognizable? How do these companies present themselves in such a way that they stand out from their competitors?
It’s these kinds of questions that begin to touch on the umbrella term of branding. All businesses, both large and small, rely on appearing identifiable to a widespread audience. Consider the logos below – can you immediately identify which brand they represent?

Easy enough, right? Branding done well means that the logo alone can be enough to guess the company. A logo symbolizes the company’s style and personality to its audience. But brands can also be identified by other design choices, such as color or typeface. Try to guess the companies below.

A little harder to pinpoint immediately, but still possible! But branding isn’t just about relevant design – it includes the unseen elements as well, such as your company’s “voice,” your mission statement, and how you are perceived. 

In short, maintaining a consistent brand strategy is a critical step in building a company. Your services, your products, and even your content must all express not just who you are, but why you are important. Your brand identity is the face of your business, the first and final impression to any consumer. As you can imagine, it’s vital that you make it count. You have to consider every detail that slowly adds up to create the bigger picture.

If you’re interested in developing a brand, this site is an easy beginner’s walkthrough to building a brand identity. Here, and in future updates, you will find resources and important tips to consider.

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