Below, you will find a list of digital sources that can be useful in the process of creating a brand. These are sites that I believe are a little harder to find, but I have found useful at one time or another.

Visual Identity

  • Brand New
    • This site features hundreds of company logos that have rebranded. By clicking on each featured image, you can discover the reasons behind why the design shifted in a new direction.
  • InspoFinds
    • An amazing resource for color and branding inspiration. This site features creative marketing and packaging that stands out at a glance.
  • Letter Form Archive
    • This resource recently became free to the public and showcases thousands of designs that are integral to the history of visual communication. It’s well-worth more than just a casual scroll!
  • Freebies!
    • This may seem out of place, but I’m throwing this design-news site on this page simply because I’ve never known a graphic designer who will turn down a freebie. This page in particular updates whenever a company rolls out something free, so it’s worth visiting time and time again – especially during the current COVID-19 pandemic, where many companies are encouraging artistic endeavors by allowing longer free trials to different software!


  • Logo Fonts – Instagram
    • This Instagram emphasizes the importance of typography and color in logo designs. They recreate hundreds of popular logos and replace the company name with the typeface that the logo uses.
  • Type Hunting
    • An archive of vintage fonts, photographed by a graphic designer to be used as inspiration.
  • Friends of Type
    • A site focused on collecting graphics that raise the bar of typography and design. A great resource to see how outlandish typography alone can appear!
  • Use Modify
    • A series of open-source typefaces that are totally free to customize!
  • Font Fabric
    • In addition to having an amazing selection of fonts for purchase, Font Fabric also offers a few sets for free that are worth a look.


  • Color Theory Reference
    • A simple blog post including a poster that dives into the more complicated world of colors!
  • Coolors – Color Palette Generator
    • This site can generate thousands of various color schemes with the click of a button. It’s also a great resource to find popular color schemes that other graphic designers use and love.
  • SpyColor
    • Enter a hexcode and learn everything there is to learn about that color!

Illustration & Design

  • Humaaans
    • A library of vector illustrations that allow you to customize and create illustrations of human figures. Most importantly, the creator Pablo Stanley has it set free for both commercial and personal use.
  • Undraw
    • A site that showcases hundreds of open-source SVG illustrations that can be tailored to match whichever palette you wish. Perfect for designers who don’t have the time on their hands to fully illustrate more intricate icons.
  • Brand EPS
    • An archive of free vector, PNG, JPG, SVG, EPS, and other files featuring popular brand logos, as well as other commonly used icons.
  • Free Vintage Vectors
    • Features royalty-free vectors designed in a vintage style. The site also offers fonts and inspiration sources.

Youtube Channels

  • Satori Graphics
    • Comprehensive graphic design tutorials across the Adobe Creative Suite, with a focus on Adobe InDesign and Photoshop. This channel hosts a range of interesting ideas and resources – weekly (as of June 2020).
  • Zimri Mayfield
    • A little wacky, but this designer knows his stuff and has a large collection of videos where he redesigns logos. Definitely worth a quick skim if you’re interested in cleaning up logos to achieve greater clarity and legibility. He uses the Adobe Creative Suite, and often makes use of the Shape Builder tool.
  • Kel Lauren
    • Kel Lauren is a talented graphic designer with a range of professional experience. Her channel has long videos that really allow you to see the entire process of redesigning logos, packaging, and merch. Her style is clear throughout every video, and she’s kind enough to share design tips as she explains her method. She uses the Adobe Creative Suite.
  • Logos By Nick
    • An extremely helpful reference for programs outside of Adobe Creative Suite. This channel features tons of tutorials for using Inkscape and GIMP, and Nick has begun to explore the Affinity Suite.
  • Will Paterson
    • Will is a freelance graphic designer specializing in design, brand identity, fonts, and logos. His videos explore these interests and he shows his process through the Adobe Creative Suite.